Piers Morgan debates Penn Jillette on atheism

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  • s-p 08.21.2011

    I think this generation needs a new GK Chesterton or CS Lewis. Someone with grace and humor to answer people like Penn. I think the guy is actually pretty reasonable and willing to engage an intelligent conversation if someone who is a Christian could give him one. Not impressed with Piers, although he did try….

  • Lewis, Chesterton: I know. They're greatly missed.

    Piers should've done a little better, but I'm impressed that he admitted believing in God. He's trying to be the new larry King, and in Big Entertainment circles, admissions like don't exactly build up your cred.

    By doing that, though, he threw down the gauntlet to Jillette in what I thought was a pretty significant way. When atheists talk about religious people, they indulge in a lot of big stereotyping and straw-man arguments. That's a lot harder to do when someone makes it personal.

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