Christus Resurrexit!

  • This is my annual linguistic helper with the Paschal greetings, originally published in 2006. Love in many languages, as the old song used to say. Enjoy!

    Let’s make sure we don’t get lost in translation this Paschal season. If a jubilant stranger comes up to you and says “Harisutosu Fukkatsu!” what are you going to say? “Back atcha, buddy.”?

    No, of course not. You snap back with the Japanese response to the “Christ is Risen” greeting: “Jitsu Ni Fukkatsu!” He is risen, indeed!

    So here’s a sampling ( via Orthodoxy Today) of the Paschal greeting in other languages, so you can study up for that big Orthodox World Tour you were planning. Czech, Finnish, Chinese — no problem! But if you want the REALLY comprehensive list, you want to go to Orthodox Wiki.


    Albanian: Krishti Ungjall! Vertete Ungjall!
    Arabic: Al Maseeh Qam! Haqqan Qam!
    Armenian: Christos harjav i merelotz! Orhniale harutjun Christosi!
    Byelorussian: Khristos Uvoskros! Zaprowdu Uvoskros!
    Chinese: Helisituosi fuhuole! Queshi fuhuole!
    Coptic: Pikhirstof aftonf! Khen o methni aftonf!
    Czech: Kristus vstal zmrtvy’ch! Skutec ne vstal!
    Danish: Kristus er opstanden! Ja, sandelig opstanden!
    Dutch: Christus is opgestaan! Hij is waarlijk opgestaan!
    English: Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!
    Estonian: Kristus on surnuist ülestõusnud! Tõesti ülestõusnud!
    Finnish: Kristus nousi Kuolleista! Totisesti Nousi!
    French: Christ est Ressuscité! En Vérité, Il est Ressuscité!
    Gaelic: Erid Krist! G’deya! n erid she!
    Irish Gaelic: Tá Críosd ar éirigh! Go deimhin, tá e ar éirigh!
    Scots’ Gaelic: Tha Crìosd air èiridh! Gu dearbh, tha e air èiridh!
    Georgian: Kriste aghsdga! Cheshmaritad aghsdga!
    Greek: Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!
    Hebrew: Ha Mashiyach qam! Ken hoo qam!
    Hungarian: Krisztus feltámadt! Valóban feltámadt!
    Italian: Cristo è risorto! È veramente risorto!
    Japanese: Harisutosu Fukkatsu! Jitsu Ni Fukkatsu!
    Latin: Christus resurrexit! Vere resurrexit!
    Norwegian: Kristus er oppstanden! Han er sannelig opstanden!
    Polish: Khristus Zmartvikstau! Zaiste Zmartvikstau!
    Portugese: Christo Ressuscitou! Em Verdade Ressuscitou!
    Romanian: Hristos a Inviat! Adevarat a Inviat!
    Russian: Khristos voskres! Voistinu voskres!
    Serbian: Hristos Vaskrese! Vaistinu Vaskrese!
    Slavonic: Christos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese!
    Slovak: Kristus vstal zmr’tvych! Skutoc ne vstal!
    Spanish: Cristo ha resucitado! Verdaderamente ha resucitado!
    Sweedish: Kristus är upstånden! Ja, Han är sannerligen uppstånden!
    Syriac: Meshiha qam! Bashrira qam!
    Ukranian: Kristos Voskres! Voistinu voskres!
    Welsh: Atgyfododd Crist! Atgyfododd in wir!

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